Motivation Matters


What’s behind the scene?

Motivation matters. Motivation gets us out of bed. Motivation inspires us. Take a few moments to think about what motivates you… why do you get out of bed in the morning?

What’s the motivation behind your motivation? What is the motivation behind wanting the job, car, house, holiday or friends? Begin by picking one and asking yourself, ‘Why do I want that?’ and again, ‘Why do I want that?’ and yet again, ‘Why do I want that?’ Keep asking until you can go no further. We guarantee that 99%, if not 100%, of the time your answer is going to be to experience wellbeing, contentment or simply fulfilment.

Really, think it over. Why do you do what you do? Say, you keep drilling down to arrive at, security or creativity. Why do you want to feel secure? How do you feel when you are being creative? Try this too, with the not so great things. Peel back enough layers and 99% of the time you will find that your primary motivation was to feel loved, be happy or allow your mind to be at peace.

If you’ve discovered your true motivation, why not go straight for it? How? Try the paradox approach, start where you want end up.  For your sense of wellbeing, choose to understand rather than get angry. Choose to accept what you can’t change and focus on what you can change. Choose to see the bright-side, it’s just as valid as the dark-side after all.

We are taught that motivation is about ‘going out and getting it’. When our ‘circumstances’ fit the right picture, we are told, we will experience fulfilment or contentment. Yes, it does work, but only temporarily. Why?

Watch out for emotion shifts. Become aware of how our emotions move us away from our core, how they take us on a roller-coaster ride and drain us of energy. Experiment with focusing more and more on your core, your true motivation, and giving less and less attention to being angry or upset. See how these emotions begin to lose their power over you, over time, as you do.

So, instead of being motivated to create the circumstances you think will bring you wellbeing, contentment or fulfilment, go straight for gold. When we can be truly motivated for no reason, somehow everything else seems to just fall into place by itself.

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