Inner Detective

We all have our own inner resources, we can use them creatively or destructively. Sometimes our weaknesses are our strengths, different sides of the same coin.
We need to detect our destructive thoughts as well as our creative ones.

Mission: To catch the criminals.
First step: Be detached from what you ‘see’ whilst doing the inner work. Otherwise, the fear of what I may find will run over me.
It is as if you are too close to the mirror, and so you can’t see your image clearly.
Remember: it needs practice.

Second step: See yourself from outside and depending on what you want to achieve behave towards yourself as you would to someone else in your same positions, that is, as a friend, mother, adviser, etc

Third step: Be in silence and ask these questions to yourself.
Part 1:
What is it that you like the least about yourself?

What does that weakness result in?
How would it be without it?
What positive virtue could you place this with? Is it a lack of a positive quality, value or virtue?

Part 2:
1. Imagine for a moment that everything that has happened in your life, all the lessons you’ve learned, have been intended to train you for a bigger task.

What do you feel you’ve been trained for?
2. What is the most important thing that you have to offer the world, the talent that has been given to you by God? It is something valuable and special for you and for others, something you really like, your driving force, the one thing that you do unconsciously?
Then you will see why you are with the people that are around you today. It will finish the question ‘why’. I am there to use that gift.

Part 3:
1. Choose a hero/heroine/a person that’s inspired you to greater things. It can be from a book for example. Now make a list of 3-4 qualities of that person.

2. Recall a time in your life when you felt very proud of yourself, when you stood up for someone to protect them maybe. What values were you protecting at that time? OR What values can you imagine standing up to protect?
3. What would you be prepared to make sacrifice for? If it’s a person or a thing what values are they representing?

It’s very good to know one’s own weaknesses. Change can only start when I know and accept what I want to change.

When you start meditating… if irritation comes… what to do?
If I get into the habit of getting up and doing something else then that becomes my habit. Accept that irritation and then be detached. Otherwise a fight will start. Meditation has to be a positive space for the spirit or you will feel resistant. Start talking to yourself. Find what’s behind that negativity. If I haven’t looked at it, when someone points at it, I will react. If I have looked at it, I won’t react.

Why do I need to know my values?
I need to know them so that I don’t compromise them. If I go against them it will have deep effect on my self respect.

a. Learn the counterpoising virtue so that you can have balance and not arrogance, for example, if you are a good speaker learn to listen.
b. See the strength hidden in your weakness so that you can work on it and start practicing this strength.
c. All values have a principle behind them, for example, the principle behind courage is: at the time of need help will be there.

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