How To Be Good Part 1

What is ‘being good’ for you?
Is your definition based on what ‘looks’ good or on something that will make a valuable contribution to the world? Intrinsically we all are good. I need to be true to myself, anchored to my own good. The tool in-between your goodness and putting it into action is your thoughts. The challenge is to put my goodness into action.

What stops me from being good?
The lack of strength to turn inside, hear and follow my conscience.

How do you maintain a position of being good?
– Don’t identify with the ‘bad’ aspects of yourself, but do acknowledge them. Meditation allows me to explore my good side. When I think good and express it again and again, then it becomes my personality.
– Exercise: At the end of the day check how much you have used goodness. Then see what went wrong, but look as a detached observer and with the intention to see how you can prevent it from happening again.

What do I need to ‘better’ in myself?
With regular meditation I connect with something higher, the Divine Being. I draw power from that Resource. This gives me the internal power to maintain a clear and clean intention, resilience and the power to tolerate in my interactions.

Being good vs what you want.
– Make decisions confidently. Find the balance of head and heart.
– Be aware that you are letting go of something you want for something better. You are not missing out on anything because you are focusing on something better; there is contentment.

How to be good at life?
– Be detached, keep a space between you and what is happening.
– Observe the scenes of life. Be neutral. When you don’t have a running commentary in your head about people and things, you can maintain coolness, quietness in the mind.

How to be good at everything/something?
I don’t try my best because of my comfort zone, my fears. Courage gives me the power to face that fear; I stretch myself to be better at something.

Is my being ‘good’ bad for someone else? Can intrinsic goodness be bad when it comes out?
There is a space between my intrinsic goodness and my actions, which is my intentions. What is that tool inside that will allow you to measure, to express it in the right way?
– Listen to your conscience. It will tell you.
– Create silence inside to hear the conscience. Pay attention to what goes into your head through your ears and eyes. Be completely aware but you don’t absorb useless things. Then that power of silence in the mind will allow you to hear your conscience.

What if someone accuses you or forgets your being good?
You have got to do it anyway.

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