Forward Thinking

Be still and then ask:
-How has this year been for me?
-What has made it good / bad?
-How do I sense this next year will be?

Looking forward
First: Refresh your awareness.

‘I am the master creator of my life’. The context of life today teaches us that we are here to consume and not to create. This is not our truth and this in fact suppresses our truth.

We are creators. We create our lives and this process begins in our consciousness. What is the one thing we do all the time? To think (a thought may be an image, idea, memory, etc.) To think is to create. We have a thought and we create its reality. Living on the surface (in reaction) we don’t see this process. Slow it down: see how every time you have a thought you generate a feeling.

Living on the surface we tend to emote rather than consciously feel; emotions are reactions. Prior to an emotion (reaction) emerging there is a thought, such as, a judgement or a memory. When we repeat the same reaction over and over we create a strong habit and then it is as if we are sleepwalking through life. The plus side? We don’t have to create new thoughts. These days life can be very demanding and it can seem as if there is no time for creating new thoughts and responses- no time to think.

Why re-think? Reactions create habits which create attitudes which create our personality. It is ‘our personality’ that goes out into the world and interacts with the others and the world and so do we create our destiny.

Our destiny is in our own hands. It begins with our thoughts. It isn’t in the hands of others or the hands of other forces. Say you win the lottery, for example, your destiny will be shaped by how you use that money. This begins with how you think about that money and decisions you make about it.

Two: 7 styles of thinking
One= With Worry. Worry is an image of future, on the screen of my mind, that is terrible. This is mis-creation. We are using the past to catastrophise the future. Fear of the future is in fact fear of the loss of what we have now in the present.

Two= With ‘Hope’. To hope for the best in a vague way. We hope that all will turn out well / that the world will take care of itself. We do nothing. There is no realisation of the mastery we can have over our consciousness.

Three= Through Others. To let others direct our future / what we will think. We read the paper to find out others perceptions and we let them shape the way we think for example. We become enslaved to the beliefs of others.

Four= Day Dreaming. This is about escaping. We don’t buy paper. There is a naivety -everything will be fine- and we are easily shocked, surprised or caught off guard as we aren’t prepared to deal with the world around us. Dreaming in itself is good, then we also need to act.

Five= ‘I Want’. When we desire something strongly enough it will happen. ‘I want…’ is a powerful thought. However, when we want something strongly it begins to shape how we interact with others and our consciousness becomes obsessed by this one desire shutting out everything else good in life. Also the fear of losing it / not attaining it comes in.

Six= The Goal. Sometimes goals and desires get mixed up. A goal is an aim -not a desire- when it is a way of focusing the energy of our consciousness for a while. Another mistake we make is that we think we have to achieve goals before we can be happy -we don’t allow ourselves to create happiness along the way- so we struggle and strive. Then when we attain our goals, our contentment doesn’t last… and of we go again.

Seven= With Vision. A vision is not a desire or a goal, it is a picture of the future. When our mind is quiet it can receive the energy of ‘our core.’ A vision of how the future could look. It comes with a certainty, a deep inner certainty that this will happen. To manifest it we need to find the quietness within our being. It may be a bit blurry at first. Each day we just need to sit quietly and let it come into focus a bit more; then it will become clearer and clearer and begin to inform what we do and how we act.

Which one of these styles is currently influencing your thinking, behaviour and future? Which style would you like to be informing your destiny?

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