Do You Have a Favourite Door?

Do You Have a Favourite Door?When one door closes another opens, right?  We know these opening doors offer opportunities, newness or changes at crossroads in our lives.  How good are we though at spotting the doors in front of us and determining which one we really want to go through?  Is there an ideal mindset for different doors?

Doors you pull open are saying, welcome into my space.
Mindset: You welcome life and what it’s offering you into your being. They require you to have cleared your head first, so that there is enough free space for what is about to enter.  You have to have, or at least be ready to, let go of your preconceived ideas of how things should be. How often do you welcome the next step of your life?  Take note, if you push a door that should be pulled open, all you are doing is fighting yourself.

Doors you push are saying, I’m ready for the next wonder life is going to reveal to me.
Mindset: I’m enthusiastic and open.  I’m here without an agenda, ready to appreciate what is and count my blessings.  Your heart is open and you have a willingness to see only the best in others and yourself.  You understand that others live up to (or down to) how you see them.  You know that, no matter what, another person is always doing their best in that moment, with what they perceive.  There is wonder not wandering. Wonder is taking a deep breath of appreciation and taking the time to enjoy it.  Wandering may be you allowing confusion to perpetuate – the confusion impeding your ability to spot the door and enjoying what is.

Trap doors are all about experiencing magic.  You know the ones found on a stage that magicians or actors use, or the ones that are doors to treasures.
Mindset: In short, trap doors are ones that leave you feeling multimillion times ‘more’ than the effort needed in opening  them- isn’t that magic?  It is transformative without difficulty because you bring your head and heart together, so there is no internal friction.  If you don’t see the magic, you feel trapped!  You will feel you don’t have control.  If you feel trapped, stop!  Take time to step away from fear or doubt.  Then challenge yourself to look for the magic.  It is not looking forward or back, but being ready to drop what is holding you back.

Sliding doors are about not intruding.
Mindset: It’s not making things happen or waiting for them to happen!  It’s being in the flow of life.  We’ve all experienced those ‘flow’ moments in life, when you’re in the right place at the right time, when people appear just as you think about them, or things turn up when you need them.  Being in the flow requires trust in yourself and life.  It’s using the knowing, that this is the best thing that could happen right now.  A tall order, right?  Perhaps that’s why sliding doors are scarcer.

Glass doors are saying, just wait.
Mindset: Enjoy the world as it turns.  Be an observer.  And only when you’re ready, open it and be fully present and part of it.  It’s about using your energy wisely, consciously making choices and taking decisive actions.  All of these are possible if you balance being an observer with respect (for yourself and what you are observing).

Here’s a catch, if you really aren’t ready, the door doesn’t appear in the wall, it stays as a wall!

All opportunities depend our mindset.  So to get the best out of every opportunity life offers, turn up with the right mindset.

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