De-Clutter Your Mind

As we would weed a garden; spring clean a house; detox our body or virus sweep a computer so too we need to de-clutter our minds. Why? Clutter overwhelms the mind with needless, wasteful and negative thoughts. Now worry creeps in and we begin looking outside of ourselves for love, regard and appreciation, creating more wasteful and negative thoughts. Now our hearts feel weighed down and our spirit suffocated.

Out of clutter find simplicity.
From discord make harmony.
In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.
Einstein’s three rules of work

Mind clutter:
a) Past memories and experiences (particularly negative and unhappy ones).
b) The things we absorb through our senses (the messengers from the outer world to the inner world) such as what ‘x’ said etc.
c) Conditioning: culture, beliefs, behaviours.
d) Desires: once born they seek to be satisfied. Once satisfied the fulfilment is short lived until another one is born.

Our minds (our mental hard drive) has a limited space so what do you want to save there? We need to also create space for new things, plus to be able to think creatively we also need a clean screen to draw on.

Let go of what you can do without and you will be amazed at what you can do within.

(i) know what to remember and what to forget
Remember: what it is you need to do today, your aim and objective.
Forget: irritations, worries, useless thoughts that take you down, resentments.
Pay attention to what you are putting into your mind. We create our patterns of thinking = we can create better ones e.g. noting others’ good qualities rather than their bad ones.

(ii) cultivate the abilities to prioritize and concentrate
Prioritize: What do I need to do today/later/never?
Concentration: the ability to focus on one thing (even in the midst of clutter).

(iii) balance of your/others needs: saying yes/no
No. If you have too much on explain that it just isn’t possible for you to take on more right now. This is okay, otherwise we just burn ourselves out. This way we maintain our own self-respect and don’t make others dependent on us.
Yes. Say ‘yes’ to investing in you. Serve yourself by connecting with your inner peace and love and become an embodiment of peace and love. We can’t make others constantly happy but we can choose to be happy ourselves and then share that happiness with others, leaving it to be their choice to join in or not.

(iv) no expectations
Do everything with a mind that let’s go, not wanting any praise or thanks, knowing that everything you do will come back to you at some point in the future.

(v) I can/can’t handle it
Fear creates a lot of clutter… look back and see how you have handled it and that you will handle it. Whatever hand we have been dealt all that is needed is for us to play it to the best of our ability, then we can be sure only good will come out of it.

Whatever I do now I am creating my tomorrows. So let me do something wonderful and great today knowing there is the assurance that I will receive the fruit of that in the future. It is when we begin to do not such worthwhile things that we begin to live in fear as we know deep down that we are not sowing the seeds of a good harvest in the future.

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