Thank your Mind

The mind can be lazy and it can also drive you crazy.  But it does rise to the challenge, to think smart and think creatively. Actually, the mind does so much for you, but have you recently thanked your mind? Even when it’s being chaotic or negative, thank your mind, and it might just calm down or start thinking more positively. Thank your mind and see what happens.

Keeping a Journal

Do you keep a journal? If you don’t, then how about motivating yourself to start one, now? You can write about your experiences, your anxieties, what you want for yourself or your perfect day. You can write a word, a sentence, a paragraph, a page. You can journal daily or whenever you want.

A Little Less Complaining

We often use ‘complaining’ as a tool to share experiences and create humour.  We also use complaining as a method to take action, but no one likes a complainer.  So, let’s stop complaining. If you can’t stop immediately or altogether, then complain a little less!  Cut down on the unnecessary complaints and you’ll find that Continue reading »

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