Masks We Wear

Just as we’ve become accustomed to wearing face masks, in the same way, have we become too accustomed to wearing different ‘masks’, personas we want the world to see? Portraying ourselves as something when the reality is something else?

We wear these ‘masks’ not just to please and impress others, but also to protect ourselves from embarrassment and hurt. But wearing these ‘masks’ and maintaining these personas can get draining and deceptive. This week, 1) identify the ‘masks’ you wear, and 2) explore how it feels and what happens when you remove the ‘masks’ and show up as the real you.

Communication Styles

We all have different styles of communicating. Some like to keep conversations on point, whereas some like lots of details; from how things work to how the other person feels and thinks. Understand your own communication style as well as those of others, and it will help you to minimise misunderstandings and frustrations, and maximise Continue reading »

The Weekly Check In

Do you check in with yourself regularly? Make time each week to review your goals and your progress, and take stock of your energy and wellbeing. Check in with yourself regularly, and you’ll learn more about yourself, where you are at, and what you need to do next.

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