Feeling Integrated

Ever found yourself feeling a little disintegrated? It often happens when we are out of alignment with who we are or with our values.

This week, be more aware of: 1) what makes you feel disintegrated; and 2) what you can do to feel more integrated and aligned with who you are.

Leave Your Ego at the Door

If you want to improve your interactions with others, try this: drop your ego. Let go of your ego and you’ll dissolve the barriers between you and the other person, connect more meaningfully and have better interactions. Try this in your next interaction, leave your ego at the door and see what happens.

2-minute Pause

During the day is probably when we need a moment of meditation the most. But you don’t need to block out 10 minutes or more to stop and meditate. Take 2 minutes to pause; between tasks or activities, or when you stop for a glass of water or a hot drink…. Take 2 minutes to Continue reading »

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