Mike George: Dying to Live


An exploration into living well and dying well

There are some who say we cannot start living until we die. What on Earth does that mean? Others say death is life and life is death. How did they reach that conclusion? Then there are those who believe that dying is not the end but just the beginning of another chapter.  Goodness, what book are they reading?

Mike George takes a light hearted but a seriously deep look into:
– What is death exactly, How to die well, And, of course, what happens next?
– What it means to arrive at the end of one’s life and why do we grieve when someone dies?


Speaker: Mike George

Mike George is an author of 16 books, including Being Your Self, Don’t Get MAD Get Wise and The 7 Myths About LOVE. With insight and humour he brings together the strands of self-awareness, emotional intelligence and continuous unlearning.

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