Worry-less: from worry to peace

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What are your worries about? Are they connected to the past, present or future? Naming our worries is the first step on the journey from worry to peace. The second step is to apply the right solution for that particular worry. In doing so we step towards becoming worry-less.

What do you worry about? Be relaxed and detached. Breathe deeply and slowly. What is bothering you? Is it fear of an event that happened in the past repeating? Is it related to present day tensions? Is it anxiety about the future?

The past? Is your present being haunted by a ghost from the past? Here our worry is connected with the fear of a past event repeating. A sign of this type of fear is our over-reacting to small upsets. Has a memory been triggered?

Begin by starting to diffuse your fear a bit, understand that it is just a signal that there is something that we need to resolve so that we can move into peace. In fact, we could even begin to call fear our friend.

The Solution: If our past is affecting us negatively today it means that there is something that we have not healed, understand, learnt or let go of. When we do we become experienced, and free ourselves up to create something better in our present and for the future.

There was a situation and at that time we could not resolve it. Now we are older and have more resources. We can resolve it – it is OK to ask for support if needed. You will know when you have, you will feel that you can put a full stop and move on. Maybe you will even find a hidden blessing.

Inner Support: If we don’t enjoy worrying why do we do it? By repeating past situations in our mind we strengthen that neural pathway. It becomes a stronger and stronger habit for us to then think in that way. Equally, we can choose to create a new and more supportive thinking pattern. It is particularly powerful to begin with making our first thoughts of the day peaceful and supportive, such as, I am safe and sound or I am a being of peace. Then continue to repeat these thoughts to yourself throughout the day. Make it your natural habit to feed yourself pure and positive thoughts.

The present? This type of worry is related to present day tensions, relationships or situations. This type of worry takes away our everyday joy.

The Solution:  SOS: Stop-Observe-Steer. Others, for example, may have the nature to criticise us or put us down. We tend to take on their thinking, but we don’t have too. Instead of absorbing, stop and observe. Is there any validity in what they are saying? Now steer objectively and calmly. You may even find that there is a funny side to that situation. Also, if it is that we have made a mistake we can stay light, laugh about it and put it right. Then there is no tension.

Go Deeper: We are here to express our positive qualities. Ask yourself: Who is worrying? Who am I? Are you worry, fear, tension or anxiety? The candle itself doesn’t dispel the darkness, it has to be lit first. In the same way when we bring forth the light of our inner potential worry is dispelled.  Peace and anxiety can’t both be present at the same time. Reflect on: I am a positive, pure and peaceful energy. I am not the problem, I am the solution.

The future? Wanting, expectations, possessiveness and attachment all create anxiety. The worry comes from the anxiety about how things are going to turn out and not working out.

The Solution: Create and hold a powerful vision of yourself and for the world. Envision how you would be in your full potential. Peaceful, loving and happy for instance.

A Change of Focus: What is your real wish? To be loved? First of all we have to love our self. This means to nurture our own inner potential. To bring out your positivity and aliveness. We are here to discover and express our innate positive qualities. When we do we become worryless.

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