What is Self-Care in a Busy World?

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Self-care in a busy world is all about enabling and supporting our self to attain the successes in life we would like to achieve. It isn’t a case of one size fits all. Boosting our resilience, flexibility and adaptability is definitely a big component of it. It begins with defining for ourselves, ‘What does success look or feels like for me?’ Paint as vivid and living picture of this as you can in your minds’ eye or even on paper. It might be connected with excelling in your profession; being in the creative arts; good relationships; creating harmony, or being and sharing happiness. Knowing where we are starting from and going to, we then need to plot our route and pack our bag with appropriate self-care tools.

Self-care in a busy world is putting in place the daily practices that will support us in reaching our destination and enable us to enjoy the journey. In a busy world, these practices are as much about building our ability to deal with stress as learning a new language. A simple practise, for example, is to become mindful of how we are breathing. Is it fast or slow? Now for a few breathes deepen and slow your breathe. Ideally make the out breath longer than in one. What one thing can you start doing today that will support you in this way?

Self-care in a busy world is being your own best friend. We tend to look to others, our job, holidays or the world in general to fulfil our souls’ needs. When our expectations aren’t met, as is inevitable at times, we then feel let down or angry. Instead, next time you feel unappreciated, misunderstood, unheard, unseen, disrespected or unacknowledged stop and ask yourself: Am I appreciating, understanding, hearing, seeing, respecting or acknowledging myself?

Self-care in a busy world is to nurture self-awareness. Such as, do you have a go to for when you feel stressed or in need of cheering up? Perhaps you go for a run, play tennis, meet friends or go for a walk in nature? If this external support went what would you do? Self-care is to ask ourselves, what it was about that hobby that made it our go to? Was it how it made us feel? Maybe alive, happy, present, peaceful, free, connected, courageous or calm?  Now consider, was it the hobby or the way you felt that drew you to it? Is there something else you can now do to create that same feeling for yourself?

Self-care in a busy world is soul-care. It is good to review our self-care every now and then. If it isn’t working for us maybe we have fallen into ego-care. Ego-care is about moulding ourselves to fit the bill to get the praise or award. Soul-care is about uncovering, recognising our unique gift, valuing it and sharing it with the world. The question is: What have I come to give? What is my unique speciality?

Self-care in a busy world is to achieve success using the right method. When we trample on our core values, or conscience, we might still attain success but we are left feeling guilty and unable to fully enjoy our success. Self-care is to live by our values and gain our own self-respect and untainted success. Keep an inner look out for any twinges of conscience, they will lead you to your core values.

Self-care in a busy world is to nurture our inner qualities and resources. In meditation we can reflect on and experience our innate peace, love, joy, strength and wisdom. In mediation the soul becomes centre stage, it’s an energy that is eternal and complete. In mediation we can feed our mind pure and nourishing thoughts, which allows it to calm down and clear.

Self-care in a busy world is to pay attention to the company we keep. Do the people around me encourage and bring out the best in me? It is to pay attention to walking our talk and let-go of any false beliefs that stop the best in us shinning through. It is to pay attention to being consistent in our choices so that every day we move closer to our ultimate destination.

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  1. Dorothy Kingston

    Really enjoyed it. Need to be reminded in this fast paced world at times to self care, self love xx

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