Sharpen Your Focus and Manage Distractions

As our world of work continues to change, keeping distractions at bay continues to be challenging. From digital distractions to constant interruptions and irrelevant thoughts.

Should we let ourselves get distracted? Because sometimes a good distraction is exactly what we need to get back on track. Or do you find that, most often than not, get distracted and you lose focus?

As we all know, if you can’t focus, how can you get things done? So if you want to accomplish the things that matter, join us for tips on how to:

  •  manage the distractions
  •  sharpen your ability to focus better
  •  build your concentration power
Speaker: Although originally an artist, Gabrielle Martin has worked in social development, at local government and ministry level in New Zealand and Australia. She is currently based at the Blue Mountains Brahma Kumaris Retreat Centre in Australia.

This is a free live online 60-minute event. Voluntary donations are welcome.

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