Overcoming Insecurity

Are your insecurities making you:

  •  feel you’re not good enough?
  •  hold yourself back from doing what you want?
  •  pick holes where there are none?

Almost all of us have insecurities. And it’s OK to feel insecure. But do you know what’s really behind your insecurities? Because insecurities build shaky foundations for everything we are and everything we do.

Join us to find ways to:

  •  overcome your insecurities
  •  go from insecurity to inner security
  •  build a solid foundation of trust and confidence

Speaker: Nina Buchanan is multi-skilled with a professional background within education and the voluntary sector.  She is also a funeral celebrant, self-empowerment coach and a meditation practitioner.

This is a free live online 60-minute event. Voluntary donations are welcome.

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