Less Judgement, More Kindness

Let’s face it, most of us judge others. But judging takes up a lot of energy. It can also lead to conflict. And we can’t really help from a place of judgment.

When you are judging others, it says more about you and less about the person you are judging. Because judging others means you’re judging yourself.

Let’s try and break the habit of judging. If you can’t do this, then let’s try a little less judgement and a little more kindness. Join us for tips on how to judge yourself and others less, and make kindness a habit.

Speaker: Beatrice Mudadu was born, raised and is based in Italy. She started to practise meditation as a teenager, and now at the age of 26, she’s finishing her degree in naturopathy.

This is a free live online 60-minute event. Voluntary donations are welcome.

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