How to Overcome Irritability

As we spend more time than we’re used to with people we live with… using technology that doesn’t always work, we’re all feeling a little more on-edge than usual. And communicating remotely with colleagues and clients has its own challenges.

Tensions are high. Issues that may have existed before may become heightened. And as ice cubes become icebergs, we may get less patient, less calm and more irritable. When irritability gets under our skin, it overtakes our perspective and reasoning.

So, if we want to weather this storm together, it makes sense to overcome irritability. Join us for strategies on how to:

  •  Tame your irritability and be kind
  •  Loosen up and not sweat the small stuff
  •  Turn your irritation into inspiration

This is a free live online 60 minute event. Voluntary donations are welcome.

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