Building Trust

Trust, it’s complicated. But it’s an important element in our life because when trust is low, anxiety is usually high.

Trusting others: it’s not easy because people make mistakes, let us down…. How to mend broken trust?

Trusting yourself: we’ve done our share of breaking people’s trust and had our moments of self-doubt…. How to build self-trust and integrity?

Trusting life: can you trust that life knows your potential and it wants to nurture you? And trust that everything that happens, happens for your growth?

Join us to explore how trust works and how to build it and maintain it.

Speaker: Maureen Chen is a native of Sydney, Australia and is currently based in Taiwan. Besides establishing social welfare organisations in Hong Kong and for victims of landmines in Cambodia, Maureen has co-ordinated meditation, leadership and spirituality based activities and projects in Asia and Australia for more than 40 years.

This is a free live online 60-minute event. Voluntarydonations are welcome.

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