Breath. Body. Mind. Soul.

Want to destress naturally, calm your nerves, boost your health? You can do all this, simply by harnessing the power of your breath.

As we already know, breathing is essential to life. It not only benefits our body, but also our mind and soul. And even though you take about 25,000 breaths a day, are you taking this superpower for granted? Have you forgotten that how you breathe matters?

Join us to understand how to:

  • breathe intentionally and mindfully
  • connect the mind, body and soul through breath
Speaker: Following an almost two-decades-long career in live theatre, Tanya Rich now enjoys helping others build their capacity to ‘let go’ through her work as a Pilates instructor, specialising in mind-body integration.

This is a free live online 60-minute event. Voluntary donations are welcome.

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