Unleash Your Potential: Commentary

Unleashing potential isn’t about the job, relationship, house or position. It is about feeling fulfilled, joyful, that every moment is new, ready in every moment for whatever life delivers to you and that you are able to respond to whatever that may be. It isn’t about controlling anything. It is about finding your core and releasing the power within it. When you are there you don’t have to try hard, you just have to rest in you. You feel glad to be you and that you are in the presence of the greatness of you. Also, when you are here you celebrate others successes, you know that their success takes nothing from yours as theirs is theirs and yours is yours.

Use this commentary to journey within your inner space, to accept who you are and to unleash the unlimited potential you possess.
Take your attention inwards.
Become aware of your thoughts and feelings.
Let them be; don’t judge them or analyse or try to control them.
Be the observer.
Now float up a bit in your awareness.
See the line of your life stretching out before you.
Sit in the position of reclaiming yourself.
Feel willing to say ‘yes’ to moving into your future.
Unleash your potential.
Release yourself into the moment.
Let yourself sense the expansiveness of the future, its beauty and wonder.
Say ‘yes it’s possible. I accept.’
Now imagine yourself in a year’s time.
You have let your life move you into your story.
What is your vibration now?

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