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‘24 Goals in 2024’ is designed to guide you through various aspects of your personal development; from building positive habits and developing a resilient mindset to improving your well-being.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced meditator, enjoy our short guided meditations from the comfort of your home or work. They will help you find your calm and focus, and restore your energy and wellbeing.

Want to create a daily meditation practice? Try it for 31 days and discover the benefits of a regular meditation practice! Subscribe to receive a 10 minute guided audio and written meditation, and a meditation tip.

Often, we do what we do because of habit. Habits can be good but they can also be unhelpful and unhealthy. But changing habits can be a challenge! So, we’ve made the whole process easy, simple and fun.

Pause to focus on what’s important. Think clearly with positive words of affirmation. Act by taking small steps. Get into the ‘Pause, Think, Act’ habit and you’ll move towards your personal development goals.

Listen again to our previous online talks and seminars, featuring guest speakers from around the world. Topics include: creativity, mental health, sleep, grief, failure, abundance, conflict and more.

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