Timeless Wisdom

Timeless wisdom is wisdom for creating a happier and more balanced life. It enables us to arm ourselves with the inner resources we need to handle whatever may happen comfortably. It is the things we know in the back of our mind…

The essence of timeless wisdom is ‘know yourself’
To know who we are we need to embark on our own journey of self-discovery. We are all unique so, whilst others can share their experiences with us, we each individually need to make our own inner journey to find out our own particular mix of qualities and values. We may also encounter things we don’t like, however, knowing the goodness within ourselves first gives us a strong foundation and empowers us to change anything we don’t like.

Timeless Wisdom Tells Us:
# The world ‘within’ is more important than the one ‘without’
Today there is a sense that things are not quite right, timeless wisdom tells us that for lasting solutions we need to look to ourselves first as what goes on ‘inside’ has an effect on what goes on ‘outside.’

# To attain peace, commit to peace
How? Take time out to reflect on your inner quality of peace whenever you have time throughout the day. As we practice this our natural response to situations begin to change and our natural expression becomes one of peace. When we together commit to peace and increase our own experience of inner peace, creating a world of peace for ourselves becomes possible.

# To recognise our own value
Ego bases value on education, family, possessions and position. Timeless wisdom places value on our inner qualities and values. Our original inner state of being is of peace, love, goodness and truth and not of distress and upset.

# To set our compass for the day and be our own role model
First thing in the morning set your compass for day and be guided by it. Bring out your highest potential by picking a quality for the day and see whatever happens throughout the day as opportunities to play with that quality. You could pick to stay calm, patience, co-operation or staying peaceful.

# To recreate our inner power
To recreate our inner stability and resilience we need to take control of our thoughts. Generally, what we are thinking about is dictated by what is going on around us. How about turning this around? Instead, you choose. When we base our thoughts in our own inner qualities and values we increase our inner power, and our ability to respond positively to whatever is happening.

# The situation may not be as I want it to be, but I will be as I want to be!
How do you want to be? What is of most importance to you? Why do you do the things you do? Across the world it always comes down to: peace, happiness and love. Rehearse difficult situations beforehand, be as you would want to be. We may not be perfect at first but just keep practicing as we then create a guarantee for ourselves: that no matter what I can handle it.

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