Anxiety About the Future

Are you feeling anxious about the future? It’s OK if you are, but if you want to stop your anxiety levels from rising, here is a simple antidote: focus on what’s happening right now.
Focus on the sound of the birds, the blue sky or the sound of the rain, the rise and fall of your breath, or the task in front of you. Simply focus on the present and be in the moment.

Dot in Your Mind  

Would you like to strengthen your ability to focus? Try this exercise: 1) Imagine that there’s nothing except a dot in your mind. 2) If any distractions appear, let them disappear into the dot. 3) If your focus wanders, gently bring it back to the dot. 4) Focus on the dot, and for a few Continue reading »

Listening To Respond

When someone is talking to you, are you listening? Or are you thinking about what you’re going to say next? When you are listening to respond, you’ve actually stopped listening. Instead, listen fully and completely to enhance your understanding of, a) what the other person is actually saying, and b) what you want to say.

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