Closet of Your Mind

Just as many of us seasonally reorganise and clean out the closet, in the same way, this spring, clean out the closet of your mind.

  • Throw away any worn out and outdated beliefs and ideas
  • Clean out any negative memories and emotions
  • Refresh your mind with new, uplifting thoughts

Detailed Scenes

Often when we get caught up in the detailed scenes of life, our focus becomes so narrow that at these times, we can’t always see what else is possible.   Details are important but so is the big picture. So, expand your focus and see the situation as just one scene in the drama of Continue reading »

Meditate While Washing Hands

We’re all being encouraged to wash our hands often and thoroughly. So, why not take this as an opportunity to practice meditation in action. Bring your mind fully into the present moment and pay full attention to washing your hands. Take a slow deep breath and notice the sensations as the water flows over your Continue reading »

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