Reinvigorating Your Morning Routine 

Do you already have a good morning routine in place? If you’re thinking of reinvigorating your routine, here are a few ideas:
1. Hydrate, breathe and exercise to wake up your mind and body.
2. Feed your mind some inspiration, and your body a healthy breakfast.
3. Set an intention for the day, meditate and get focused.

Saying Goodbye

If you’ve lost a loved one recently and didn’t get to say goodbye, find a meaningful way to do so. You may want to celebrate the person by remembering what you love about them and share your memories with others. You can write a letter(s) to them and say everything you want to say, as well Continue reading »

The Kitchen in Your Mind

Just as you clean the kitchen after cooking, in the same way, clean the mind after a full day of thinking. Otherwise things just pile up and get messy. Wash out any negative emotions, wipe down any unwanted thoughts and put away all that you’ve collected in your mind from the day. Keep your mind Continue reading »

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