Key to Deadlines

To accomplish anything, from tasks, personal change to projects, the key is to create deadlines for yourself. Even to write the Thought for Todays, there’s a deadline, otherwise we’ll just keep tweaking things, taking way longer than necessary, and we may never finish anything.

So, the key to setting deadlines is being realistic about the steps, the time and the work involved. And setting the deadline earlier than the real one to give yourself some extra time to deal with the unexpected.

Under The Willow Tree

When your mind is full of thoughts, try this exercise: Like a willow tree, open up your mind and let go of the anxieties, stress and all your thoughts. Then imagine sitting against a willow tree and releasing all the tension into the ground. As the long weeping branches create a canopy of tranquillity, nothing Continue reading »

You Are Not What You Wear

This past year, most of us have been enjoying comfort dressing. But if you’ve been feeling a little tired or uninspired, rummage through your wardrobe and dig out something you love, or something that reminds you of good times, or something unexpected. Get creative and revel in the joy of dressing up, it might just Continue reading »

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