How You Want To Feel Today

Just as you get intentional about what you need to do each day, in the same way, get intentional about how you want to feel each day.

Choose how you want to feel and set a positive tone for the day. And even if you get emotionally derailed during the day, it’s OK. Feel your feelings and then redirect your focus to how you really want to feel.

Put on the Spot

When you’re put on the spot with unexpected questions, do you get flustered or respond too quickly? Next time, try one of the following tricks to give yourself more time to think: – Pause, take a deep breath and look thoughtful. – Confidently say, ‘Let me think about that for a moment.’ – Ask for Continue reading »

A Mountain or a Molehill?

Many of us have the habit of overthinking and magnifying things in our minds. But every time we make a mountain out of a molehill, we make things more challenging. Instead of magnifying, modify things in your mind and turn a mountain into a molehill. This will change your perspective and put you in a Continue reading »

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