Most Important Task

With so many things to get done today, are you going to get the important tasks done?

To get the most important tasks done today:

  1. Identify your most important task(s) and choose the three that must get done today.
  2. Schedule your most important task first or when your focus is at its best.

Quick to Judge

Are you quick to judge people who don’t follow the same social distancing rules as you? On the public transport or at your local supermarket? Avoid being quick to judge and try to be more understanding about a) everyone’s interpretation being different and b) how easy it is to forget social distancing. It’s also OK to politely remind someone to be mindful of Continue reading »

Life is a Buffet

Life is like a buffet, with so many experiences to try. Sample a bit of everything from the buffet of life and you may be pleasantly surprised as well as expand your horizons. But if you take an ‘all you can eat buffet’ approach, you may not appreciate the experience or the abundance of life. Continue reading »

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