Not Feeling Well

If you’re not feeling well, rather than push yourself or get impatient, stay positive and be a patient patient.

Be kind to yourself and others, and stay at home. Take care of yourself and give the body time to rest and recuperate. Keep a healthy state of mind and the mind will support the body, as it returns to wellness.

Soul into Your Role

All the different roles we play in life often require different aspects of ourselves. This can lead to a gap between who we are and the roles we play. But if you put your soul into your roles, then you’ll enhance your ability to integrate who you are, what you value with what’s required of Continue reading »

Skip Negative Thoughts

Next time you get stuck in a negative thought, here’s an easy way to get unstuck: Just as you skip to the next song, in the same way, skip negative thoughts until you find a more empowering, positive thought.

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