Running Out Of Ideas

If you ever feel like you’re out of ideas, remind yourself that you can never really run out of ideas; after all ideas are all around us.

To stimulate and spark ideas, all we have to do is:
1) look up, look around and pay attention
2) feed the mind with interesting ideas; from books, blogs, music, podcasts, videos to art.

Milestones in Your Life

Look back at your life and take the time to write, draw or chart the important milestones in your life. You can include moments that had the most meaning to you or caused a major positive or negative change in your life; experiences that made you look at life differently; the first time you got Continue reading »

Windows to the Soul

These days, we tend to use our eyes more to communicate. So let’s get more comfortable making confident eye contact and communicating through the eyes. As the saying goes, “the eyes are the window to the soul.” Whether it’s empathy, a smile or an experience, what are you communicating through your eyes?

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