Take the Pressure Off

A certain amount of pressure is good for us. But as you know, pressure not only creates diamonds, it also bursts pipes.

If you’re putting unnecessary pressure on yourself, you may want to avoid a) setting unrealistic deadlines, b) leaving things until the last minute and c) high expectations you and others have for you. This week, look at what you can change to take the pressure off.

React Out Of Habit

When your buttons are pressed, do you react out of habit? If you want to break this habit, get better at creating a pause, a space between the trigger and your reaction. Use this moment of pause to slow down and calm your reaction. And take that space to consider the bigger picture and determine Continue reading »

Wishes for Yourself

We wish others well. But do you remember to do the same for yourself? Think good thoughts about yourself and wish yourself well. Even when you’ve made mistakes, behaved badly or noticed not so good things about yourself. Have good wishes for yourself and it will fuel your day with a feel good factor, and Continue reading »

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