Wild Horse Mind

When your mind feels like a wild horse, 1) remind yourself that you are the master of your mind, and 2) take the reigns and steer your mind in the direction you want.

Every now and then, let the mind run a little wild, but still hold on to the reigns. Be patient and you’ll soon tame the wild horse mind.

Regaining Your Concentration

Are you finding it difficult to concentrate at the moment? It’s OK if you are. Simply check how you’re feeling and check your energy levels. Maybe all you need is a break, some fresh air, a glass of water, a few stretches. Sometimes a short break is enough to regain your concentration.

Clap for Yourself

We’ve clapped for all the key workers. But when was the last time you clapped for yourself? Recognise and appreciate your efforts, progress and achievements. And take a moment to clap for yourself. Clap for yourself and you’ll boost your motivation and enthusiasm.

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