Go Your Way

Things don’t always go the way you want them to. When things don’t go your way:

1) Accept how things are going and understand that all is as it should be.

2) Adapt to what is, make the most of things and keep moving forward.

Thinking about Food

Thinking about what to eat or cook is normal. But if you’re thinking about it all the time, or more often than not, then, ask yourself: Are my eating habits too restrictive? Am I meeting my energy needs? Should I daily make time to decide what to eat or cook? If you want to spend less time Continue reading »

Influential Presence

We all carry a certain presence that influences the people around us. The question is: Does my presence have a positive or a negative impact? Do those around me feel comfortable in my presence? If you want to carry an influential presence, cultivate a positive attitude and be less distracted, more present.

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