Care, Share, Inspire 

“If you can write, do wonders for the world with your pen. If you can speak, bring hope to the world with your words. If you can heal, care for the world with your heart. And if you can lead, nurture and serve the world with your actions. Simply take the responsibility to do something for the world. Seeing you, those around you will be influenced to care, share and inspire.” Dadi Janki

The Sound Of Silence

Experiencing silence in our loud world may seem unlikely, but it is possible. All you need to do is, listen. Listen to all the sounds you can hear, without judging or labelling them. Pay attention and listen, and you may just hear the silence behind the sounds, the silence that exists in our world.

Not Feeling Well

If you’re not feeling well, rather than push yourself or get impatient, stay positive and be a patient patient. Be kind to yourself and others, and stay at home. Take care of yourself and give the body time to rest and recuperate. Keep a healthy state of mind and the mind will support the body, Continue reading »

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