Feeling at Home

How many homes do you have? You have four. Really? You may have more but you definitely have at least four homes. The first home is your mind, the second is the body, the third is where you live, and the fourth is the one home we all share, Earth.

You are responsible for the well-being of all your homes. So, give all your homes the necessary time, attention and care. Use them with a positive purpose, and feel at home in all your homes.

Tasks for the Day

How do you feel about your tasks for the day? Do you think of them as burdens, as something stressful, something you have to get done? Or do you think of your tasks as an opportunity to serve and do things with love? Or even as a chance to play, create, learn and grow? Change Continue reading »

Mindful Walking

Who would have thought that a daily walk would be the highlight of our day? If you can’t get outside, then simply walk around your house. So, whether it’s indoor or outdoor walking, add mindfulness to it to enhance your experience. As you walk, be more mindful of what you can see, hear and smell, Continue reading »

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