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Are you defined by what you do or who you are?  Before anyone labels you, how do you label yourself?  How you perceive and relate to yourself, will pretty much direct how others will see and relate to you. For example, are you a soccer mum or a caring mum?  Intellectually we know for someone to be a soccer mum they must be a caring mum, right?  Yet we react to the two different labels differently.

As a soccer mum we are appreciated for what we do.  The juggling of routines and activities. The organising and shepherding.  However, when we see ourselves as a caring mum, others feel cherished and acknowledged; valued and nurtured.  We are the same person, and it is the same activity, but two different perception.  As a result different benefits and experiences.  Which perception is more fulfilling?  Which is more empowering?  Which allows you to adapt without losing your own identity and self worth?

By connecting to and owning our qualities and values, we find that, as our roles and responsibilities change, or our circumstances alter, we are anchored in a deep sense of self.  We stay true to our self.  Authentic and free from being a mere imitation of our self.

Are you ready to be your best self, the quintessential you?  If so, how do you see yourself? Do you have a clear and strong perception of yourself that informs you actions, decisions and choices?  Not sure?  Would you like more clarity?  Perhaps it is time to revisit the following questions:

  • What are the positive qualities your friends or family most often associate with you?
  • When do you feel empowered or enthused?What is the main quality that at play for you?
  • What positive qualities do you acknowledge in others, that resonate with you?
  • And finally, (perhaps the one I like most) what negative trait are you uncomfortable with?Now what is the flip side of that?  Such as, are you stubborn?  If, so the flip side of stubbornness could be determination.  Are you angry?  Perhaps the flip side is passion, or that you care deeply?  Lazy?  The flip could be that you are open to possibilities or patient.

To acknowledge a flip side or a quality is a good start.  Next you have to tweak your perception by owning them and then actively choosing to put them to use.

Now all you have to do is go out into the world as the quintessential you.

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