The Power Within

The power of patience; don’t allow impatience to come. When there is patience you can come into harmony with others. When there is patience peace and love automatically work.

Pause… and you can develop patience within your thinking.

The power to tolerate. It is okay, we are all learning so let me learn to live with others with love and not say that I can’t bear it anymore. When there is no tolerance there is no possibility of good relationships.

The power of contentment. When we are content, we value our lives as well as the lives of others. I stay happy with others and others’ stay happy with me.

Pause… teach the self with love.

Sometimes we want to do good things only we find that we don’t have the courage… Sometimes when we see our weaknesses and there is hopeless… Sometimes our heart has been hurt and not healed… there then isn’t that strength.

We need to give ourselves time to heal our hearts. Today no-one has time- time that is to express and give love to the self and to others. Have love for yourself- heal yourself. Sit quietly and feel your own heart and create courage and hope within yourself.

Weaknesses and lack of power are resolved with pure love; unselfish love; altruistic love. Don’t wait for someone else to give you love. Don’t ask for love from someone, you can never receive love by asking for it. Make yourself strong by giving yourself love.

Then with an honest heart we are able to draw God’s love and this gives us power. God gives us love; the understanding of who we are and tells us how to live in the world with others.

Then we can use our thoughts and time in a worthwhile way and this generates energy. If our thoughts and time are wasted we also loose energy.

The human intellect understands. It knows what is right / wrong. It doesn’t matter what is happening in the world out there, let me do that which is right.

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