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Life is generally pretty hectic these days; there’s a bit of worry, a bit of stress. Some might say a bit is good and even useful as in the short-term it seems to gets things done, only in the long term it is taking its toll on our energy, health and emotional well-being. So how can we “Worry Less, Enjoy More. Stress Less, Accomplish More.”?

Start everyday with a new focus
Begin the day by arming yourself with a positive experience. Then, head off to make your living – only this time it’s to make two incomes instead of the one! There is the one that pays the bills and the other is to increase your stock of positivity – by going out and sharing positivity with others it grows within us, in time becoming our habit and personality, and it may only have been something as simple as passing on a smile.

Don’t get worried and stressed about things
Did you listen to the news today? Do you recall what was said? Sometimes we do and sometimes not. Why? It all depends on whether or not we reacted to what we heard when we heard it, that is, if we turned what we heard into a feeling or not. What about that song that just won’t stop playing in your head? Again, we have turned it into a feeling and when the feeling comes into our mind so does the song. It is when we turn something into a feeling that we find we can’t forget it and it is negative feelings that stress us. So, the best thing is to not turn situations into negative feelings in the first place.

Begin small
Say, tomorrow you are going to meet someone who you know irritates you or winds you up. Resolve beforehand to not turn that meeting into a feeling and that you are going to remain calm. Rehearse this in your mind beforehand and then when you meet them test yourself and see how calm you can remain on a scale of 1-10.

Maintain your cool and handle challenges positively
Treat your mind with respect. If we keep telling our mind to be quiet, or beating it up, it is without doubt going to end up feeling stressed out! Understand that it is the mind’s job to think. So, instead of telling it to be quiet, give it something meaningful and fulfilling to think about. Otherwise it is just going to grab onto anything and go here, there and everywhere. Then, instead of beating your mind up why not give it the experience of peace? All you need to do is create peaceful thoughts and allow them to turn into a feeling. This will keep you cool and help you maintain your cool in any challenging moments.

Practise meditation
Meditation is the great escape and re-charger. For a few moments switch off the five senses and take a rest. Your mind is constantly engaged in all that is going on around it. In meditation learn to focus on your innate peace for a while, for example, and experience that feeling of peace in your meditation.

Many people say meditation is not for them because their mind keeps wondering. One good tip is to keep your eyes open and focused on a point. This way when your mind does wonder off you will notice immediately and be able to bring it back. When we close our eyes we are much less likely to notice that our mind has wondered off.

To get started, click here.

End of Day Reflection
A good way to end of the day it is note your progress – your successes and the things that didn’t work, so that you can make a mental note of to watch out for that one tomorrow!

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