How to Keep Moving Forward When Feeling Stuck


Feeling stuck? Stuck in problems, worries, resentment, confusion…. Stuck in unhealthy habits or relationships…. Stuck in the mud, snow or in life.

And especially right now, when life has been put on hold, many of us are starting to feel stagnant and stuck, unable to move forward.

Stuck happens. But if you do nothing, nothing changes. So, join us to find easy ways to:

  •  uncover the blind spots that keep you stuck
  •  get unstuck and get moving
  •  keep moving forward, onward and upward

Speaker: Caroline Ward

Caroline Ward in her consulting firm pioneered organisational transformation processes throughout Australia. For the past 13 years in Chile, she has worked with communities and leaders in transition. Caroline is also an author and a facilitator in areas such as resilience, integrating the feminine archetype and living a life you love.

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