What Drives Your Relationships? Love or Fear

Are your relationships driven by love or fear?

When fear drives your relationships:

  •  Fear of rejection can hold us back from going for what we want
  •  Insecurities and jealousy can undermine our confidence and choices
  •  It makes us try to control others and needy for approval

Shift the gears from fear to love, and you’ll:

  •  understand others better and improve your interactions
  •  create space for compassion, connection and community
  •  build a foundation for healthy and strong relationships

Join us to explore how to navigate from fear to love, and be fearless in your relationships.

This is a free online 60-minute talk.


Speaker: Marcelo Bulk Gimenez

Marcelo is a coach, consultant and an author in human development, leadership, teamwork and communication. He is the coordinator of the Brahma Kumaris meditation centres and activities in Colombia.

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