Turning Regrets into Growth

Are you stuck in a loop of ‘what ifs’ and ‘should haves’? What do you regret more, action or inaction? Maybe you regret a missed opportunity or a hasty decision? Maybe you regret not being more bold or drifting away from a friend?

It’s ok to have regrets. But it’s not ok to let regret weigh heavily on your mind. Holding onto regret only hinders our growth. So, let’s transform regrets into lessons learned and opportunities for personal growth.

Join us to explore how to turn regrets into growth and harness it to move forward with purpose.

This is a free live online 60-minute talk.

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Speaker: Erik Larson

Erik is a civil engineer and technical consultant by profession. He is based in New York, and is a director of the Brahma Kumaris in the USA, as well as their representative at the United Nations.

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