Tools for Coping with Illness

Dealing with an illness can be a daunting and an overwhelming experience. It brings up so much physical and emotional upheaval and uncertainty. But with the right tools, we can manage it more effectively and improve our quality of life.

This evening, Jan Alcoe will share tools that she herself discovered while undergoing treatment for cancer, as well the insights from friends, and healthcare colleagues and practitioners who supported her on her journey.

Join us to discover how to:

  • find comfort, strength and meaning during difficult times
  • cope better with illness and enhance your overall well-being

This is a free live online 60-minute talk.

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Speaker: Jan Alcoe

Jan is a writer, publisher and facilitator in health and social care. From her personal experience of cancer, she wrote self-help guides ‘Lifting Your Spirits’ and ‘Heart of Well-being.’ She lives in Brighton with her husband, and is busy as a grandmother and a portrait artist.

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