Encouraging Serendipity & Change

Change happens; make the odds work in your favour
“The universe conspires in favour of those who do something, particularly those wanting to do something for a higher purpose. If I desire to do something for the ‘greater good’ I automatically will have the co-operation of a lot of minds and hearts that have the same desire. If my desire is selfish, great things that could have happened probably won’t as I am alone in my desire.”

Just chance?
You think of someone and they call you or you bump into them in the street. Coincidence? You go through the day and marvellous things just keep happening one after the other. Just chance? Quantum physics teaches us that the observer influences the observed. It teaches us that the reality we see ‘out there’ depends on who is observing.

What we think is what we get!
Observe how your consciousness (thinking) affects everything. If you imagine yourself surrounded by kind/incompetent people for example, what do you find? Does it seem that everyone treats you kindly/is incompetent? We get what we think. This is because the primary moving force in world is consciousness, not matter. My consciousness defines my relationship towards myself, others and to what is happening around me. I am the one who moves the world around me.

To change something we have to change the way we think.
If we go into situations with the same thinking as we have always done we won’t be able to bring about any real change. However if we can change our thinking we can change our future. We can encourage situations to happen that wouldn’t have otherwise. We can even create a problem-free future. We can set-up things up in such a nice way that eventually we will find that only nice things happen to us.

This is very different from just sitting and hoping that the universe will drop things into our lap, this is to live with empty hope. Does that ‘one day’ ever appear? The first way requires us to work on ourselves, on the way we think and interact with things and patience, the second to be passive.

Also, I only control my own thinking, words and actions and not anyone else’s. When I focus on someone else’s defects and ‘work on them’ to change what happens? It is in fact as if I am putting them in a coffin and sitting on the lid! Instead see the good things about them and water those traits.

Equally are you doing this to yourself? Have you put yourself in a coffin and are you sitting on the lid? To get off the lid means to allow yourself to discover the treasures that you have within. What are you keeping in? Sitting on?

Strengthening each other in this way we will become the change we want to see happen and you will find that:
– when you begin to do this things begin to co-operate with you, that there is less conflict and even if people don’t actively help you they will not oppose you.
– what you need (not more/less) comes to you on the physical level too.
– as you keep growing in generosity in your vision towards others and yourself that you create a sense of abundance.
– what I give is what comes back to me.

Free yourself first, let go of the burden that is holding you back and move forward. Once I have freed myself I am then free to help others. Any change in the world will only happen once I have changed my own consciousness first. If I make effort to improve the state of my consciousness and relationships then no matter what happens I can’t lose. If things get worse I will be better prepared to deal with them, if they stay the same my life will be freer and fuller and if they change for the better I will be ready to embrace that change.

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