Dadi Janki (1916-2020)

Dadi Janki, the head of our organisation, the Brahma Kumaris passed away at the age of 104 at 2am India time on Friday 27th March 2020 in Mount Abu, Rajasthan, India. She had been unwell for the last few months.

Since the age of 21, Dadi had been exploring, studying and teaching meditation and spirituality. She refused to set limitations for herself. Dadi was tireless in sharing insights, outpacing those who were decades younger.

Our dearest Dadi had an unswerving optimism, sense of humour and big heart. It didn’t matter if you were a prince, prime minister or a pauper, she spoke to everyone as if they were her brother and sister.

She meant so much to so many and we will treasure the wealth of personal lessons in wisdom, courage and compassion that she shared through her life. She showed us how to live with love and ultimately how to die with dignity.

Dadi lived in London for over 40 years. She moved from London to Mount Abu, India at the age of 92 to begin her new job as the Spiritual Head of the Brahma Kumaris.

On the 10 year anniversary of Inner Space, Covent Garden, Dadi Janki shared the following:

“The concept of Inner Space has been in my vision since the first time I walked through Piccadilly Circus in 1974. The look on people’s faces made me realise how we accumulate stress as we try and fit the whole world into ourselves. We have become so immersed in the outer world that we have forgotten how comfortable we once were in our inner world.

The vision behind Inner Space is to create moments in people’s lives for them to go deep and discover their innate resources. My wish for the people in London is for them to look after their inner space. Keep it so clean and clear that there is no sorrow, no negativity and it is always filled with truth and happiness. Then we can use what we have inside to live a life that is good, meaningful and useful to others.”

Here are a few old blogs that were inspired from Dadi’s words:

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22 thoughts on “Dadi Janki (1916-2020)”

  1. We are very sorry to hear this sad news. May God rest her soul. Beautiful quotation and love and care can conquer the world.
    Azeemi Sufi Order

  2. I’m sorry to hear of Dadi Janki’s passing. I subscribed to Inner Space when I was in College. That was 2014. I enjoy reading it every day. It brightens my life. May Dadi rest in peace. Amen.

  3. Sad to this . I was so fortunate to hear her speak a number of times. So beautiful, present, calming, life affirming and enriching. So grateful for her presence and lifelong work xxx

  4. It was Dadi’s words that took me onto the right path in my life after being lost for so long. My life is now what it is because of her wisdom. I found my identity by turning my face back to God and understanding the true meaning of my existence. Dadi forever I will be grateful. You are home.

  5. never enough wisdom in our life, and never too late to learn and to change. thank you for everything you have been doing. we “need” our inner space now more than ever

  6. ….and her message definitely resonates and seems even more powerful now,given what London,the UK and the world is experiencing right now.
    Globally,we have an opportunity to change, to see our strengths that lie within and to live life more simply , to respect all ,and to be grateful .

  7. Sorry to hear the sad news of the passing of your mentor, Dadi Janki; there has been no other time in our present history where we need a reminder of her teachings of wisdom and karma. Namaste.

  8. I was so sorry to hear the news of Dadi Janki’s passing. I had the privilege of attending an Inner Space event at Savoy Place that was facilitated by the wonderful and wise Dadi. I had no idea that she must have been nearly 100 years old at the time! I will forever cherish the memory of having been a direct recipient of her wisdom and to have been in her presence. I completely agree with and echo the words of Jenny (above) when she wrote “Dadi Janki; there has been no other time in our present history where we need a reminder of her teachings of wisdom and karma.” So true!
    Sending loving best wishes to all the Brahma Kumaris at this time of your loss.

  9. Dadi Janki certainly achieved her wish to inspire! I have subscribed to Thought for the day for many years. The thoughts always relevant, reassuring and enlightening. Thank you very much.

  10. Go in to the light dear Dadi, you gave so much, I am sure that will continue in the place you are now. With heartfelt gratitude for the work you did here I ask you to keep shining bright Dear Dadi Janki .. RIP x

  11. So sorry to hear the news od Dadi Janki passing away. What a strong lady and beautiful soul. I’ve heard her speak a few times and it was always full of wisdom and joy. May she rest in peace and you continue her beautiful work.

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