Creative Potential: Overcoming Creative Blocks


Do you consider yourself to be a creative genius?  No.  Yet, everyone is creating all the time, we just don’t know we’re doing it! Being our creative selves means being conscious of what we are creating.

Creativity is expression
Creativity is an expression that comes from within, and we share that expression with others. It could be a song, a poem, a film, a photo, a sculpture, a painting, a sketch, a doodle, a sentence, a home, a room, an atmosphere, a career, a team, a project, a thought that turns into action, that turns into life itself.

Your creative potential
It’s not until we broaden our minds and express ourselves that we begin to know who we really are and our creative potential. Just to consciously start with the thought of creativity is to learn more about your creative self and grow.

Creativity is the act of being a mother, bringing children into the world, creating a safe home, an environment where they can grow and discover who they are.

Creativity on a plate, “what am I going to create today with the food I have in my fridge” all the ingredients can be like lines of a poem and the creation sits on a plate.

Creativity at work, what type of environment are you creating? Creating an atmosphere of being open to other people’s ideas, and its ok to make mistakes and not get things right first time. Collaboration, we can add value to their idea, and they may add value to ours.

Creativity in relationships, if we want to create healthy relationships, are we willing to be ourselves? Are we living our truth? If not, then we can look at why? What is stopping us? Habits of fear, maybe if we express ourselves truthfully, people won’t like us?

Creative Blockages
There’s always a risk – if people don’t like my creation, maybe they won’t like me. When we create something, we are essentially putting our inner self on show, opening ourselves to criticism, ridicule, rejection, or indifference.  It’s important to remember, we are not our creation and once we express it, it no longer belongs to us. So, do not overthink it – do it. Stand back. Look at it. Does it work? We need to let go of this fear. Everyone will have a different experience and opinion. What is important is to set our creation free.  Being our creative self can be a leap of faith. Stand behind your ideas and know why you’re creating.

When situations change in life, we need the courage and power to create a new direction. Trust your instincts and intuition. Take creative risks. Make creative decisions.  When our creative dream breaks – that’s the moment to reinvent yourself. Let go of the past and accept the present. Learn from the past but don’t anchor yourself in it. Creativity can be a constant flow.

We all have the power to create the type of person we want to be. The type of life we want to lead. And the type of world we want to live in. When we do that, our capabilities to be creative are endless.
While being inspired, always, write your ideas down, or they will be gone forever!

  • Look around you. You will see something that inspires you. Give it time.
  • Have a goal, an idea, yet be open to move in another direction.
  • Be open to feedback – doesn’t mean you have to take it.
  • Sometimes we just need to walk away. Do something else for a while.

What is the most valuable creation in your life? Surely it has gotta be you! Create a healthy mindset so we can thrive and release our creative potential. Be present – let go of the past. Create the future. What internal feeling do we want to create for ourselves regardless of what’s going on around us?

So how do we develop and replenish our creative self? Meditation and self-development is the art of making a journey deep within the self, it allows us to discover who we are, and enables us to trust our instincts, find that bravery and inner power to take more risks and leap into the creative unknown, and turn our own existence into a creative act.

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