Change: Be Part Of It

Would you actually like it if things never changed? Isn’t it rather the accelerated speed of change that we are experiencing today and its unpredictability that leaves us feeling that we want to put the foot-break on. It feels like ‘what will happen next!’ Everything (climate, economy, families) seems to be going haywire.

Change that we are the masters of -when we know its direction and destination- is quite different.

In the midst of unpredictable change… we naturally look for an anchor point-for something we can rely on to offer us some security, comfort and support.

Perhaps we look to:
-other human beings: only they are in the same situation as us.
-our job: what happens when new management arrives wanting something new and innovative?
-our possessions: our home, car…

‘A space’ of true security
What we need is ‘a space’ of true security; a place that is quiet, still, unchanging and eternal. Such ‘a space’ is available to each of us- it is that deep and sacred space within. Here there is safety and stability; and the more we connect within the more we discover how beautiful and strong we are.

When we connect to that which is eternal and unchangeable within we are able to safely ride through all turbulent waters.

Unanchored, we are tossed here and there and things from outside crash in on us and leave us in turmoil.

Anchored we can:
a) connect to our inner power and let it impact on us; then empowered we can face the world, exercise choice and appreciate the beauty there still is out there in the world too.
b) see the opportunity in all that happens, for example, illness maybe the opportunity for you to finally have the time you have been longing for to spend on yourself.

When change happens ask yourself, ‘What am I meant to learn here?’ On the surface things may seem traumatic, however, below the surface beautiful things are starting to happen that you can take advantage of.

To connect… have a conversation with ‘you’. When was the last time you had a conversation with you? Not one of complaints or worries about what has happened today or in the past, but a real conversation.

Invite all the different parts of you to speak to you and listen to what they are telling you.
– Your conscience. Watch out for ego- ego stops us from listening to the soft voice of our conscience.
– Your heart. What are your feelings telling you? We have made the task paramount and stopped listening to our feelings.
– Your memory, your reasoning, your personality… All are equally important and we need to listen to them all. It is like being a good mother to many children- all need to feel equally listened to, loved and cared for. Doing so allows all the different parts of ‘me’ to come into harmony with each other.

In meditation I let my mind become quiet. At first your mind may try and dominate, wanting you to listen to it alone. It is possible to train your mind to become quiet and move in a very pure and silent way.

‘A master of change’- I know my destination, that it is beautiful and that the power of truth will get me there.

When we begin to communicate with ourselves trust is re-born in ourselves and in the soft voice within. Trust was broken when our conscience said do ‘x’ but we did ‘y.’ When we start following the voice of our conscience we experience a new beginning and a promise of new beauty. So, check before you rush into action: What is my conscience telling me? When you do and follow its voice the beautiful things promised start to manifest themselves in our lives.

When we act with integrity and honesty and follow the voice of our conscience then there is nothing we need worry about or no-one we need fear. We know that when one door closes another one will open- there is no longer any need to worry about where I am going or how I will get there.

Peacelessness happens outside when we aren’t at peace within- because we haven’t sorted out the things inside. It isn’t hard to make changes within to return to that which is natural- to a state of harmony where our conscience sparkles, our mind has clarity as it can see the truth and our feelings are clean and pure.

So just begin- the joy of attainment accompanies you as your original truth and beauty begins to shine through. When we put the light on darkness goes- we don’t need to chase it away. Put on the light, experience your inner power and come into a state of inner radiance. Then you will see the change out there…

If I follow the path of truth things will go in the right way.

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