Building Inner Strength

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Do you ever experience feeling powerless or drained by the various aspects of life? Whether we let others’ opinions affect us or life’s challenges weigh us down, it’s essential to regain our inner power. Building our inner strength helps us protect ourselves from negativity, be resilient, handle life’s challenges effectively, and thrive in all areas. Let’s explore and cultivate this inner power.

Understanding Inner Power, and its Benefits
Inner power is a state of contentment and stability. When we have inner power, we are less prone to mood swings and can bounce back quickly from setbacks. This power brings flexibility, allowing us to go with the flow without clinging to people or situations. It makes us efficient decision-makers, able to reach conclusions without rushing. With inner power, we accumulate happiness and see our progress over time.

Having inner power allows us to exhibit loving-kindness naturally. We are kind not because we seek validation, but because it is in our nature. We no longer need others’ approval to feel validated. This balance between self-respect and respect for others leads to a beautiful and harmonious life.

The Opposite of Inner Power
Without inner power, we struggle with decision-making, feel confused, and seek validation from others. We develop negative defence mechanisms because we feel weak inside, and may feel helpless in the face of others’ decisions. Adopting a victim mindset, believing we are at the mercy of external forces and situations.

Shifting from Victim to Master
We can choose how much of a victim we want to be in any situation. By changing our mindset, we can move from feeling powerless to becoming the creators and masters of our circumstances. Recognising that negative experiences can be beneficial is the first step toward this.

The Journey of Inner Work
Building inner power is a marathon, not a sprint. It involves working on our reactions, mindset, and defence mechanisms. For example, we feel stronger when we detach from the need for external validation. Even if we don’t fully feel it yet, acting with self-esteem helps us manage our reactions and emotions better.  The more we reveal to ourselves the inner patterns and work on our self-esteem, over time we become more powerful.

The Role of Meditation
Meditation is a crucial tool in this journey. Spending 20-30 minutes daily can help our brain grow and self-regulate, reducing the influence of negative emotions on our reactions. By meditating, we develop a more peaceful and stable mind, which is one of our greatest treasures. This inner peace enables us to be loving and kind to ourselves and others.

Balancing Our Traits
It’s important to balance our traits and virtues. For instance, being good at detecting dishonesty should be balanced with trust in others. Similarly, if we are sociable, we should also value solitude to avoid exhausting ourselves. Humour, while beneficial, should not overpower others. Striving for balance in all aspects helps us become well-rounded individuals.

Avoiding Power Drains
Recognising and stopping negative thoughts before they take hold requires practice. The more we do this, the mind becomes stronger and more peaceful. We can then use our thinking for creative and positive purposes, enhancing our inner and outer worlds.

Visualisation Techniques
Reviewing instances that didn’t go so well with a positive visualisation of us responding as we would like, can be a powerful tool for building inner strength. By imagining ourselves behaving ideally in the instance we felt we had failed, we build confidence and train our inner responses. This practice makes us feel protected and prepares us for real-life challenges. Regular visualisation helps us create positive mental images, turning potential stress into peaceful outcomes.

In conclusion, building inner power involves a combination of self-awareness, meditation, balancing traits and virtues, and positive visualisation. By doing the inner work, we become more resilient, peaceful, and effective in all aspects of life. This inner strength benefits us and contributes positively to those around us.

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