“Kindness is our nature… We are genetically wired to be kind. This is why it is good for us. And it is also why, when we don’t show kindness, or compassion, gratitude or forgiveness, it stresses our nervous system and isn’t good for our health.” David Hamilton It’s cool to be kind. When someone is Continue reading »

Asking The Right Question: Part 2

Learn to dream – work with your strengths, successes, values, hopes. Questions spark and direct our attention, energy and effort. Ask yourself the question ‘What is it in them that inspires me?’. It is a life changing question but as you ask, you automatically feel a surge of enthusiasm coursing through you. – At the Continue reading »

Law of Attraction: Part One

Firstly, the law of attraction is about seeing whether you can discern what it is that you truly want. There was a survey carried out in Britain in the 1950’s that was re-run recently. On comparing Britain now to 50 years ago it showed how dramatically our ‘external’ living conditions have improved. Now almost every Continue reading »

How Do I Love Me?

A. What stops me from loving myself? The first thing that stops us from loving ourselves is self-rejection. Check: How often do I reject myself? Every time I reject myself I prevent myself from taking action and growing, for this I need to acknowledge and accept myself first. B. What is self love based on? Continue reading »