Beat Fatigue and Feel Great

What is fatigue? How can we feel more energised and inspired? Is there a magic pill? Fatigue can be the result of many factors. It is a sign that we are out of alignment or balance in some way. A feeling of dis-empowerment. Feeling great comes from understanding what is causing our fatigue, fresh perspectives Continue reading »

Tired of Feeling Tired?

Tired of being tired? Doesn’t just saying it make you feel tired?  Tiredness is OK. It is a messenger. Is it that I haven’t been getting enough sleep or good quality sleep? Is it more than this? Our ideal amount of sleep is individual, usually between 7-9 hours a day. Good quality sleep is linked Continue reading »

Time To Stop Being Tired

“Hello.” “Oh Hello, how are you?” “Tired.” “Me too. It was a long day.” “Yeah. I’m beat!” A snippet of a conversation, you might hear at home, work or even on the train. We all seem to be complaining about how tired we are. And when we’re tired, most of us try to push through Continue reading »

Fatigue Fighters

Tired all the time? Not because you have been doing a lot of physical work/sport/aren’t physically well, but do you feel mentally and emotionally tired all the time? Causes i) being out of balance: this could be equally be down to doing too little as too much. Doing too little can very exhausting(!) as can Continue reading »