Beat Fatigue and Feel Great

What is fatigue? How can we feel more energised and inspired? Is there a magic pill? Fatigue can be the result of many factors. It is a sign that we are out of alignment or balance in some way. A feeling of dis-empowerment. Feeling great comes from understanding what is causing our fatigue, fresh perspectives Continue reading »

Wishful Thinking…Or Optimism?

Wishful thinking, optimism – what is the difference? Wishful thinking? If only… then I sit back and wait. I don’t take any action to bring about the change I would like to see. Optimism? Optimism is an attitude that we can develop. Optimism creates a powerful force of positivity and can change our reality and Continue reading »

Energy Management

Physical energy Five types of energy input are needed by our bodies, the quality of these energies is significant though on our overall well-being. 1. Food – what, how and when we eat all important. 2. Exercise – my motivation and where my mind is when exercising are important. 3. Sleep – before sleeping making Continue reading »

Taming Tension

Tension arises when we are not in charge of our inner energies. So, take a minute… this is a tool to tame tension. Just stop and assess your thoughts and elevate them. What creates tension, this pressure that destroys our joy of living? Separation from our true self, having to deal repetitively with too many Continue reading »