Self Awareness

Non-Violence: The Challenge and Hope

Non-Violence: the challenge and hope Gandhi invited us to ‘be the change we wish to see in the world.’ This is one of those statements that is easy to understand, yet not so easy to do.  So, how can we individually start addressing the challenge and the hope of non-violence? One thing we can begin with is Continue reading »

Manage Your Energy

Sometimes life seems like a Formula One race, with lots of short sprints calling on us to give it our all. At other times a steadier and longer-lasting pace may be what is needed. In either case, there are some universal energy management principles we can use to ensure that we don’t wake up one Continue reading »

Skills of Listening: Part 1

Experts tell us that 60% of effective communication rests on our ability to listen.  How good are your listening skills really? And why does listening play such a big part in our ability to communicate effectively? Our ability to listen relates directly to our capacity to understand each other. Understanding is essential if we want to Continue reading »

Masterful Thoughts

Many thoughts go through our minds. It is our choice though which thoughts we take on. Who but I is responsible for my own mind? In order to monitor and choose our thoughts we need a clear and discerning intellect; an awake intellect. When we are conscious of our own identity our intellect is naturally Continue reading »

FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real

The spectrum of fear: paralysis-terror-fear-to be afraid-anxiety-nervousness-distraction. What is the cause of fear? The situations that happened, happen or we imagine will happen. What causes our fear? Our thoughts, the situation acts as a catalyst. This means that if we gain control over our thoughts we can gain control over our fear. When I am Continue reading »

Cosmic 'Order' Service

Is the the cosmos actually in need of ‘ordering’ or re-ordering? Well, the external world we live in is definitely in a lot of turmoil and chaos at present, and are we not all, in one way or another, desiring to experience a world of well-being, harmony and order? If you dig deep you will Continue reading »

Self-Mastery. World-Server

You are the creator of meaning in your life. When you learn to do this nothing disturbs you. From the global to the personal This is the first time in history that all human beings in the world are facing the same challenge: that of global warming. How do we respond to such a global Continue reading »

Creating Consciousness

Uplifting our consciousness How much time do you spend plotting how to lift yourself out of your ordinary and mundane life? Do you ever plot the end of the day, the week, a holiday…? Some art works – particularly the sacred arts – can help us to do this too. They enable us to touch Continue reading »