Time Out – Is It A Waste of Time?

What does time out mean to you? Do you feel that it is a waste of time? Do you feel guilty for taking time out? In a way, it depends what we do with our time out… Do you use it to breathe, reflect or know yourself better? By discovering who we are, and our Continue reading »

Stress Free

Life is generally pretty hectic these days; there‚Äôs a bit of worry, a bit of stress. Some might say a bit is good and even useful as in the short-term it seems to gets things done, only in the long term it is taking its toll on our energy, health and emotional well-being. So how Continue reading »

The Art of Connecting

There is: – the person you meet with infrequently but with whom you get on with so well. – the person you see everyday but with whom you feel uncomfortable. A meaningful connection This isn’t based on what we are saying or how we are reacting to each other, it is at the level of Continue reading »