Are You Guilty of Being Superficial?

Being superficial is looking on the surface, at the outside rather than what’s truly inside. The cars people drive, their style, beauty, fashion… we’re all guilty of it. At the same time, we become so fixated on other people’s lives (and on celebrities) that we view their lives more than our own. Do one thing. Continue reading »

Frogs to Princes

To become a prince requires a step of courage to do something new – if you do you will never be bored again! To become a prince is to become royal. King in Spanish is “rey”, which means to be real. To be a prince is to be real, to be truly one’s self. Also, Continue reading »

The Laws of Self-Confidence

Self-Confidence – to have trust and faith in who I am. There is confidence in one’s abilities, such as, to solve equations or to build a bridge; and then there is confidence (faith and trust) in the self, in ‘who I am,’ in my essence, in my true potential and capacity for greatness- and then there Continue reading »

The Many Faces of Ego

When ego is in operation everything we say/think/do is coloured by that ego. The antidote is to develop the positive side of our being – the real me. Loss-Gain. Defeat-Victory. This is life. We all experience both of these. What counts is not the failure/success, but how we manage the failure/success. Feelings of failure; lowness; Continue reading »

Tools of Spirituality

1) Detachment: this is to not allow sorrow to enter one’s heart. As when we do become overwhelmed by those sorrowful feelings, we become a victim of sorrow and we are no longer able to help others, rather we sink together. When we remain detached we are able to uplift others and bring them out Continue reading »

The Matrix Factor – What is Reality?

What is real? What is life’s foundation? What makes something ‘a truth’? What makes something real and not a dream? Could this be a dream? How do we know that this isn’t a dream? Could it be that we are asleep and dreaming? The film The Matrix explored these themes. The Matrix is about waking Continue reading »