Non-Violence: The Challenge and Hope

Non-Violence: the challenge and hope Gandhi invited us to ‘be the change we wish to see in the world.’ This is one of those statements that is easy to understand, yet not so easy to do.  So, how can we individually start addressing the challenge and the hope of non-violence? One thing we can begin with is Continue reading »

Inner Peace for Busy People

How is it even possible to maintain inner peace in the midst of everyday life? You know, the life which is super busy; filled with demands, deadlines, hopes and dreams… To be able to stay calm when unexpected things happen or others are stressing out around you? We all have the right to be at Continue reading »

Peace of Mind

We travel across the five continents searching for peace. Why have we still not found it? We are searching ‘outside’ of ourselves for something that can only be ‘found’ within. Pause for a moment… go inside… become silent… and create a thought of peace… Let peace enter your life. Who doesn’t want peace of mind? Continue reading »

Invest in You!

We invest in our health, homes, finances, families, friends, sports, creative pursuits, education, profession… How about ‘you’? Do you invest in ‘you’? What does it mean to invest in ‘me’? To invest in ourselves is to invest in our peace of mind, positivity, qualities, values…Would you ever say you want more anger or fear in Continue reading »

Timeless Wisdom

Timeless wisdom is wisdom for creating a happier and more balanced life. It enables us to arm ourselves with the inner resources we need to handle whatever may happen comfortably. It is the things we know in the back of our mind… The essence of timeless wisdom is ‘know yourself’ To know who we are Continue reading »

Inner Power

Why is it that our inner power sometimes goes? When we ask questions start with ‘why’ and ‘what’ etc, they have the uncanny ability to drain our inner power aka our inner energy. The questions which can be answered, see clarification and have them answered. Those questions that cannot be answered, such as, ‘Why did Continue reading »

Moving Beyond Anger

When we forget who we are stress, anger and fear emerge. At the core of our being we are beautiful and we all have the capacity to live a peaceful and loving life. A Reflective Exercise: Sit quietly and emerge a situation in your life that ‘makes’ you angry. Quietly observe… without judgement… and reflect Continue reading »

Heal The World

Stepping inwards is an opportunity to become aware that ‘who I am’ is peace, love, power, truth and happiness. I do not need anyone or anything or to be anywhere in particular to experience these states of being. First sustain who you are- then everything else will become very easy. We can incorporate these qualities Continue reading »


Meditation centres are lovely havens with a unique atmosphere… but life is hard work. There is and can be a lot of stress. To de-stress: think positively. “I am peaceful”. Think angry thoughts and feel peaceful! – That’s not going to happen. You say, “I’m angry” and you start to feel it and the tension Continue reading »

Peace and The Spiritual Sun

Peace is intrinsic to every human being. We normally look for peace outside of ourselves: holidays, amassage, an evening in, a night out… Unending peace? This is found inside ourselves. The secret? I am already full of peace, it is just that I am not consciously realizing it. We experience what we give? Okay, I Continue reading »

To Think or Not To Think?

When we are silent… we are. It isn’t that there are no thoughts. First there is silence and then there is thought; the quality, nature, speed, accuracy and impact of these thoughts are very different to those of a non-silent mind. It isn’t ‘not to think’ but what to think and how to think in Continue reading »

Discover What You Really Want

Experiment and play. This is best done within a framework of understanding, such as the ‘om shanti’ principle, which states that by nature I am and you are intrinsically peaceful and therefore positive and so powerful. Life then becomes an experiment and a journey based on exploring this. If you don’t have a backdrop like Continue reading »