Inner Freedom

Thrive 24/7: All I Need Is Within Me

In the company of ‘X’ I find I feel cheerful/sad? The assumption I create is that I think ‘X’ makes me feel happy/sad. So, over time I think that I need this person in order to experience happiness or that just being in the presence of this other person I will experience sorrow. Who is Continue reading »

Dungeon and Dragons: The Mind

There are different types of dungeons (prisons) that we can create for ourselves and fill with all sorts of dragons. The Dungeon of the Mind The mind ‘holds’ thoughts. The thoughts that we have about ourselves create the image that we hold of ourself. Then negative thoughts (dragons) or thoughts which waste our energy imprison Continue reading »

Fear – Love

Comfortable feeling uncomfortable? Would you agree that we have in fact become so accustomed to fear that we don’t even notice its’ constant presence in our lives? What is behind seriousness, for example, if not fear? Do we not use fear to drive/motivate ourselves and others? Maybe the fear of being left behind- not keeping Continue reading »