I Am

The Laws of Self-Confidence

Self-Confidence – to have trust and faith in who I am. There is confidence in one’s abilities, such as, to solve equations or to build a bridge; and then there is confidence (faith and trust) in the self, in ‘who I am,’ in my essence, in my true potential and capacity for greatness- and then there Continue reading »

Me, Myself and I

The spiritual journey is a journeying back to I. Who is behind the mask? Take the petrol we put in our cars, for example. This begins as petroleum and then goes through a process to remove all the impurities in it to leave its essence- petrol. Similarly the I (the spirit that I am) is Continue reading »

The Many Faces of Ego

When ego is in operation everything we say/think/do is coloured by that ego. The antidote is to develop the positive side of our being – the real me. Loss-Gain. Defeat-Victory. This is life. We all experience both of these. What counts is not the failure/success, but how we manage the failure/success. Feelings of failure; lowness; Continue reading »

Soul Passion

Happiness~Freedom~A Master of My Life~Quality of Life~Contentment~ Pro-Active~Loving Relationships Are you happy? We spend so much time and money trying to attain happiness as our everyday thinking and speaking doesn’t give us happiness anymore. Happiness, though, is something that we experience internally. Who is the ‘you’ -the being- that feels happy? Go within and ask Continue reading »

Discover What You Really Want

Experiment and play. This is best done within a framework of understanding, such as the ‘om shanti’ principle, which states that by nature I am and you are intrinsically peaceful and therefore positive and so powerful. Life then becomes an experiment and a journey based on exploring this. If you don’t have a backdrop like Continue reading »

FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real

The spectrum of fear: paralysis-terror-fear-to be afraid-anxiety-nervousness-distraction. What is the cause of fear? The situations that happened, happen or we imagine will happen. What causes our fear? Our thoughts, the situation acts as a catalyst. This means that if we gain control over our thoughts we can gain control over our fear. When I am Continue reading »

Opening The Curtain Of Illusion: 1

To understand oneself better is to be able to live more effectively. What is real/true? Many search for the answer to this question by researching into the physical world. Truth by definition must be that which is unchanging. If it changes –is transient- can it be the truth? Matter is energy and as such it Continue reading »

Me, Myself and I

Me, myself, and I – Can selfishness ever be a good thing? There is another side to selfishness… wanting to care and nurture for the self. True selfishness is to feel genuinely good about myself as I will then experience peace, love and happiness much more easily. Our minds play games and say: ‘I can Continue reading »