Making A Difference?

Almost every day, images of suffering, war and violence flash across our TV screens. Inside we maybe feel sad, angry, fearful or numb. We may feel that we want to help, yet find ourselves at a loss to know what we can do. We are then left feeling even more distressed, hopeless and powerless. These Continue reading »

Be Your Own Coach: Part 1

Good coaching empowers us to step up in life. What is it though that a good coach does? How do good coaches empower us? Good coaching is actually about asking the right questions, in the right order, with the right sensitivity. Good coaching raises our self-awareness. Good coaching enables us to realise things for ourselves. Continue reading »


Definition: undivided attention or to be fully in the moment. Why is it important? We perform actions better. We can do more and save time. We save energy (as focused and not scattered). Self-mastery: it enables us to control our mind and the quality of thoughts. Have you noticed how we do not have equal Continue reading »

Consciousness: A Basic Model

Draw 3 lines in the air… The top layer [elevated consciousness]. Here we are in a state of natural spirituality i.e. of love, peace and wisdom. It is characterized by unconditional love. One feels ‘above’ all of the negativity that was hurting one (in ones’ mind and in ones’ life), and how love flows out Continue reading »

What's Your Subconscious Saying?

What is going on inside me? a) The thoughts and feelings (my conscious mind). These tend to predominant our day b) The intellect or our conscience. This tells us what is right/wrong or true/false. It can discern/discriminate between what is going on within you as opposed to what is happening outside of you. It needs Continue reading »

Asking The Right Question: Part 1

Right questions vs. Wrong questions Negative questions: Why do I feel so down? Why can’t I be happy? How come I never get time for myself? Positive questions: What can I do to energize myself? What can I read/listen to that will inspire me? Whatever you question, you become that: Weak/negative questions dis-empower – they Continue reading »