Mind Detox

Christmas feasts and New Year celebrations are over.  The New Year has begun and we’re looking forward to a ‘new and improved me’ in 2017.  Detox, diets, hobbies, self-development are all the rage for January.  Are you ready? Introducing a mind detox isn’t always easy. Looking back at past experiences, we start the New Year Continue reading »

Emotional Detox

The word emotion is derived from the Latin emovere, “e” is to move and ‘movere’ is “out.” Emotion, to move away from myself. My experience (through meditation) tells me that our true nature is that of being calm, loving, happy, resilient and understanding. When we move away from this central awareness we get hooked into Continue reading »

Mind Detox

Is your mind relaxed, peaceful, light, dancing and anticipating joy or is it caught up in thoughts that you just can’t get rid of, heavy, in a state of dis-ease and anxious? If the latter maybe it is time to consider a mind detox as we would a physical one if our bodies had been Continue reading »